Friday, January 25, 2013

IF Word of the week: WINGS

What an appropriate word for the first month of the year.  It carries so many meanings, mostly the feeling of freedom, release and happiness.  To soar and glide through the air is such a feeling of release.  And then there are the wings of an angel, and this month has seen too many of these with all of the shootings on schools specifically as this takes the lives of innocents and lives that have yet to begin their journey's of wonder.

I respectfully submit to Illustration Friday, my drawing of wings titled "Deco Wings' as I vaguely remember drawing it back in Junior college and discovering the fun of the Art Deco period, a world transformed following visits to Egypt by explorers  (the 1920's), seeing the art from a place where Gods walked the Earth and then these modern visitors brought back this culture and called it Art Deco.

May all of our dreams be carried on the backs of wings, so they can soar and travel to places we only hope to see knowing one day we will get there.

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  1. I love this style of illustration. And your intro above in context to the drawing does hold a lot of meaning today. I think it would be awesome if you created a series of drawings (like this graphic style); with the wings in different settings: exploring, changing, growing, uniting... it would make a lovely calendar. You are very talented JP!