Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Art of the Diguise

Halloween has always been a fun holiday for me, so to write about it in January, well, it seems just right to set the year off to a good start.

Around the corner from the new Chinese New Year, being the year of the horse, many people will be in disguises celebrating wildly as the Chinese welcome the new entrance for the astrological year.

Drawing disguises is always fun as the design can go ultimately any direction you want.  If it is a job you are working one, best always to communicate your ideas to the contrator as they will be more on board with your additions as I have always found them to be when I have approached them.

I love Illustration Friday.  The ste is a personal challenge to me to either locate a drawing I have created or create a new one, however this weeks word of the Friday was an easy selection process for me.  The Pirate elephants.I drew this as a concept for a sculpture, it would have been interesting to see the piece completed, alas this was not the case.  But I do love pirates.  Drawing an elephant pirate made it so easy as these are magnificent creatures and worthy of the pirates life.

SO with pencil to paper, I drew this with minimal reference materials and straight off the blank sheet of pare to what you see here.
The original piece the pirate had a patch over his eye with a hook lifting the patch.  The client asked to alter the drawing and to remove the hook - too scary for little kids. (I so wanted to say, have they listened to Grimm fairy tales yet - not that is scary!) so a beer hoist was the best solution, drunkerds are so much better than missing body parts. (LOL).

Enjoy the drawing. You can also now purchase it on line, click the link. More work is located here and I love, repeat LOVE to draw. It is so peaceful to my soul. Hope you like

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