Sunday, February 2, 2014

What is Exotic anyway?

I like a good challenge, always have and with the over active imagination I was born with, I continue to challenge my world with the notion, something good will always come of it.  That is why I liked and continue to like the challenge brought by Illustration Friday.

This weeks challenge is finding a visual interpretation for the word, "EXOTIC".

So what is exotic anyway?  In searching through a plethora of archives on my hard drive, looking for and not finding the illustration I originally wanted, I found this drawing instead.

Since people always ask if you could go back in time, what time would I pick, I have always first thought of dinosaurs.  This is a drawing I did back in the days when I worked at a company whose primary product was rubber stamping and yes, they had a line of dinosaur stamps.  When I drew this they were going through some difficult times and I don't believe this was ever made into a stamp, however I did like the feeling the drawing emitted, which is the moment of birth of a baby dinosaur.  

Dinosaurs were exotic creatures, never photographed and so never really understood by the visual eye.  The colors and textures are lost to modern man because there are no records of their true coloration's.  So in my world of wanting to know the most exotic thing I could think of, it would be this, my baby dinosaur drawing.  The drawing is much older than the copyright states because when I was looking for something "exotic", this was the date on the image in my archive - it really was drawn back in the late 1990's. So be it.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, as is drawing.  My challenge to myself this year is to always do more than last year.  Hopefully I will continue to bring the wealth of drawings I have in my archives each week and broaden my base of followers to "The Art of JP" blog site.  I feel I have a lot of good things to share this year and this illustration (as well as the others I have posted before it) will be just a part of a really good visual trip for all who come visit and read my blog.

As always, thank you for stopping by, reading my blog and spending a bit of time in my world of imaginative creativity.

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