Sunday, March 2, 2014

Voice: following your Heart for Life

Voice.  Most people associate this word with the hit T.V. Series, the one where wanna be's compete to show the world they truly can sing.

However voice is more than that, it is a nameless, faceless person, on the other end of a phone.

Listening to your voice they are weaving an image of who you are, what you look like, yet are never going to be part of your world, except by phone.  They are the voice that connects you to others.  They help you, comfort you, listen to you. Their role in life is to be a guiding voice to all your wants and desires or needs.  That is, depending on the reason you are listening to their voice.

There are also the voices in your head, not at all like the random caller in the last senario..  These voices are guide posts to your daily actions, a place where personal, non vocalized, conversation wars take place of the "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" variety.  Our Judgment voice is the voice balancing the answers we seek.  Sometimes there are many voices, most times it is just our own arguing with itself. When there are many voices, it is suggested to see a doctor.

I have held many a job where a new voice on the other side called about the services I provided over the phone, it was retail on demand.  They were up late, alone, not really wanting to buy something, yet here they were, watching a commercial on late night T.V., calling into my phone bank to discuss their interest and or buy the product from the commercial.

I imagined them, from their voice and background sounds I could hear.  I imagined their room, their life, however I would also have to focus to use my voice because I was being paid to sell them things they might not want, some periodicals perhaps, a vitamin or two, whatever.  All this, that is, before they have me help them with their order. Oops, gotta go, the phone is calling me.


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