Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire

Michael's Class - October
Oh my God.

As the year is now ending and I am still working, painting, feeding, surviving, petting buddy and now unpackin, after I post this, I might start drawing ... this year has been a really different year for me.  Bet everyone is feeling something strong right about now.  I surely can't be alone in my feelings.

Painting has shown to me to be the inner core that fills my spine and while I NEED TO ALWAYS BE PAINTING ... the experiment I did recently, due to the circumstances in my life, truly did not return the answer I was hoping for; in fact it flopped in one direction and was an real eyeopener in another.

However, as expeiments go, this experiement was what it was.  In the land of Zen, and also knowiung I don't know what is around the bend, cause I am not psychic, Zen-like angels are pushing bolders out of my path as best they can, because the Universe has been keeping my spiritual guides very busy since July following our yearly vacation to Comic Con. It has been and still is a bit of a nightmare. Getting better, but just not at scream-mo mode. Phew!

With the election, the Presidental candidate - elect, the protests, the huge amount of social media flooding the system, my world has gotten a wee bit quieter, just a little bit.  I have been forced out of my warm and comfy cave, something I don't like. Caves are nice, especially mine.

Michael's Class - November 2016
Here are some paintings I have done while painting and teaching classes at Michael's in Camarillo. recently.

 I feel the sleepy moves being put on my time - something else I don't like., which means I may dump  my desire to start the drawings in my head for a kids book I got hired to do and go to bed...

You can also find my paintings, my career, my everywhere. Just GOOGLE Me.

Michael's Class - October 2016
Michael's Class - October 2016
Michael's Class - November

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