Friday, May 27, 2016

Who am I?

Yes, that's correct, who am I?

In July of 2015, I became a teacher for Michael's Crafts, Fine Arts Teacher, the Camarillo Store.

Since that journey, I have discovered how much fun I love to paint, selling three of these startup paintings and giving one away to my cousins. I found my Daughter created me a fantastic Facebook page (JP Denyer Artist), devoted to this new opportunity.

I've created a foundation of paintings as a result & I think more & more about how much fun I am having, painting.
Today I discovered two of the four planets are no longer in retro-grade, intuition is on the rise, & it's a great time to ask soul searching questions.

So here are some painting of recent & with this Memorial Day weekend upon me (and everyone), I look forward to my creativity happening.

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