Friday, October 23, 2015

The art in me seems to ooze out to others

     So I have been painting and teaching classes for a popular craft store in Camarillo, CA.  The piece shown here was a free painting class I held recently for a free class night, unaware I had stepped so far out of the box (corporate world) by doing this painting, it was still an amazing night of color and exploration.
     Four women, one collective thought, paint something beautiful and explore the soul of art all in two hours; the posted picture here is mine. I am so in love with art.
     I started the night trying desperately to get past a lingering emotion, one I have been drifting back and forth with allowing time to temper the feeling, one day this feeling will go away. When my evening was over, I had this beautiful painting, a much better mood and knew I had found my happy place.  Then I returned for the second evening -  free drawing class, the same four women returned, however one came bearing a gift.
     She was my newest student and had left the night before, inspired from the free painting class. Her time with me filled her head with words and she explained she was a poet.  She said she was compelled to write her poem all down and add it to my painting, then wrapped it all in a frame and presented it to me hat night.  I was blown away.  Took everything out of me to not burst into tears while reading the beautiful words she wrote to the other three woman in the class.  I am still warmed by her kindness and thoughts.
     So I have done my job I guess. I love this painting, it is filled with much goodness and now has a beautiful poem as part of its soul. While it is not an original thought is is an interpretation of another's work filled with beautiful colors and tranquil moments to gaze upon.
     So here are the other ladies paintings and the poem. Enjoy.

Peace and love always.

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