Friday, November 9, 2012

Illustration Friday Backside


You, like I, may not have done the due diligence to understand what waters we travel, before we jump in and start sailing.  Like me, you may be an explorer who just slaps on a backpack and runs willy nilly out into the world, not knowing what or who you may run into.

Then, when you start to slow down, the glee of that first step tells you "first steps" need some grounding here, you know, when you realize how important it might have been to have done the due diligence first!

The good news is when you do slow done you discover, hopefully, some rather impressive, or shocking or even better, WONDERFUL  stuff, like I just did!

So, since I only launched this blog yesterday and I am doing everything I can at this exact moment before slapping on my explorer backpack again to head out to enjoying the fun of running around the wild blue wilderness…click the link here or above and see what the power of one did for me! Impressive. IF you only could.

Thanks Penelope! You are awesome.

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